10 Of the Most Popular Men's Wallet Styles

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The extent to which most men generally go in terms of selecting a wallet is choosing whether it's made from either leather or other materials and choosing either black or brown color. That is where the typical selection process for a men's wallets usually stops. However, sometimes without even realizing it, men usually consider several other factors when choosing the wallet that is right for them. This process many times involves just replacing the style of wallet he had before, but sometimes involves making a choice based upon desired usage and functionality.

As you can see from the title of this article there are many choices available when selecting a wallet, some would say too many, and we're going to take a look at the most popular men's wallets styles and functions available in the market today. Because there are so many wallet styles available, choosing can sometimes be a daunting, frustrating task, enough to drive you to just picking any old wallet and making it work. To avoid this problem, and choose the one that is best, you should arm yourself with the knowledge of what wallet styles are available to choose from and their intended functions before you go shopping.

You may already be familiar with many of these styles of wallets whereas others might to be something of a revelation for you.

1. Bi-Fold Wallet

bi-fold walletThe classic leather bi-fold wallet should require no introduction because it's the single most popular mens wallet sold anywhere. This wallet usually has spaces for credit cards, a few hidden compartments, currency pockets and sometimes an ID card holder.  This style alone has several sub-styles; bi-fold with ID, bi-fold slim, bi-fold zip around, and others, each of which also fulfills differnet functions. Given a choice most men will instantly opt for the bi-fold wallet because it has adequate storage space for cash and credit cards but still doesn't take up very much room in your jacket or trouser pocket.

2. Zip Around Wallet

zip around walletIf you're concerned with the security of what's inside your wallet spilling out when you take it out of your jacket then a zip wallet might suit you perfectly. This wallet comes with a variety of features, but many are a standard bi or tri-fold wallet with one or more zips to keep the wallet sealed. It usually has the same interiors as a tradtional bi-fold wallet, but with the added security of the zippered closure.

3. Passcase Wallet

passcase walletThis style of wallet is a variant of the standard bi-fold or billfold style of wallet with one notable exception in that there's a clear window inside the wallet where you can easily insert your travel card or pass, hence the name Passcase. These clear plastic windows can be either static or a flip-up style but it's a definite time saver when the last thing you need to be doing on the subway, tube or metro is to be fumbling for your travel pass.

4. Money Clip Wallet

money clip walletThe money clip wallet is a rather clever combination of two basic things - a money clip and a wallet. You get all the convenience of a money clip for fast access to your cash but you still have space for several credit cards and even an ID card also.  It is usually preferred by a man that likes to travel light and carry a minimum amount of items in his pocket.

5. Slim Fold Wallet

slim bi-fold walletFor guys who carry the bare minimum of cash and credit cards around with them a slim fold wallet is ideal. It's designed to fit in a front pocket and occupy as little space as possible while still providing you with enough space for several credit cards, some cash and in some versions an ID holder. Sometimes people refer to this as a small credit card case or small bi-fold wallet, but these are usally all referring to this same style of wallet.

6. Tri-fold Wallet

tri-fold walletThis is another popular men's wallet which is the same as the basic bi-fold wallet with the exception that it has an additional fold for storing more credit cards and cash. This means that as this type of wallet fills up it will grow in size and weight, making it unpopular with some more active people.  

7. Credit Card Holder

credit card holderIf you're an active commuter or perhaps a travelling business man or you just want to afford your credit cards some additional protection, then an aluminum credit card holder, while not strictly a wallet, is an ideal way to protect your plastic. 

8. Front Pocket Wallet

front pocket walletAnyone accustomed to a large bulky wallet you might find a front pocket wallet a little bit restrictive in terms of how much you can fit inside it - it's not suitable for keeping last years receipts in for example. That being said a front pocket wallet is usually capable of carrying a few credit cards, and sometimes has a center slot for storing around 20 individual notes or cash - of course, this will vary from one front pocket wallet to the next.

9. Breast Pocket Wallet

breast pocket walletAs you may have guessed from the description a breast pocket wallet is usually worn in a coat breast pocket and is the preferred choice of many business men around the world.   Many men don't want a wallet bulge in their suit pants as it makes their jacket hang a bit awkwardly, and this type of wallet, fitting nicely in the suit or overcoat breast pocket is a nice solution to that problem.  It is convenient for carrying a number of credit cards and club cards as well as one or more currency slots that usually fits most of the world's popular currency sizes.  

10. Secure Wallet (RFID Blocking)

rfid walletsUnfortunately identity thieves are becoming far more technologically adept and if your credit or debit cards feature an RFID chip (over 200 million credit cards do) then your card could quite literally be hacked while it's still in your pocket. A wallet with RFID blocking can prevent this from happening.  RFID blocking is accomplished by the manufacturer by either inserting a special film, made from aluminum or sometimes even copper or nickel, during the construction process. This wallet is available in many different styles and configurations from the standard bi-fold wallet to the snap and lock plastic flip case. 

Each of the above is a popular men's wallet in its own right and which style you choose is going to be down almost entirely to your own personal preferences. Please do also remember that it's a good idea to own more than one wallet so don't be afraid to try several wallet styles on and see how they suit you before making any final choices.

What is your favorite wallet style?



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