Caring for Stingray Leather Products

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stingray leatherStingray leather is a very strong leather.  It is much stronger than cow leather because of the way the leather itself is structured.  With cow and other types of leather, the fibres of the leather tend to run in a parallel direction to each other, while in stingray leather, the fibres are random and most often criss crossing each other, forming a much tighter bond between the fibers.  While some leathers are easily torn, stingray leather is not, due to this cross hatch arrangement of the fibres within the leather.   Additionally stingray leather has those famous little bumps that are actually calcium scales that were a protection against some predators for the stingray.  Once the leather is tanned, these bumps are rock hard and add additional strength to the leather but also add a guard against scratching, cutting and increased anti-tear strength.  

While this leather is of exceptional strenght, it still needs proper care to make it's beauty last as long as the leather itself.   

Here are some tips to take care of your stingray leather item that will help extend the life and beauty of your stingray product.

Removing Dirt - Removing dirt from a stingray leather item can many times be done by simply wiping the leather with a slightly (barely) dampened cloth.  In tough spots you can use a very mild soap with water and gently clean the surface area.  Do not rub too hard as most stingray skins are both dyed and surface painted to get that beautiful color.   Scrubbing too hard may remove some of the surface color of your stingray leather and result in an unsightly showing of the grey-ish scales underneath.  

Storage of Stingray products - Never keep leather products in contact with other leather products when storing them.  The finishing on each product may cause them to stick together.  Do not wrap leather products in plastic bags as this causes drying out of leather products.   To store your stingray leather items (or any leather items for that matter) it is always best to store them wrapped in paper.   Tissue paper works best for this type of product.  You could also use our cloth bag that we provide with each of our products as a storage container in lieu of paper.  Keep your stingray products stored away from heat and moisture.  Never leave any leather products exposed to direct heat or sunlight as this quickly dries out the natural oils from leathers.

Drying your stingray product - If for any reason your stingray product gets wet, (rain soaked, dropped in water, etc.) do not add heat to it to speed up the drying process.   Place the item on a dry surface, preferably on a piece of tissue paper and let it dry at room temperature naturally.  

You can use a water repellant made for exotic skins.  It is usually in spray form and should not contain any silicone.

Customers have recommend and rated very highly a leather conditioner by the Bickmore company called Bick 4 leather conditioner for use on most leathers including exotics.  It does not darken finished leather products, and is great for exotic leathers.  In addtion to using to condition and maintain the appearance of your leather items, the company also recommends using the Bickmore Leather Repellant spray to help make your leather item more water repellant.  You can read more about the Bickmore line of quality leather care products here



Date: 3/2/2013
I purchased a stingray purse while in Thailand and I have a problem with the bumps snagging knit clothing. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? Will conditioning help with this problem or some type of spray? I love the purse but it doesn't wear well with knits. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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