Front Pocket Wallets – Sometimes Smaller Is Better

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front pocket ostrich leather walletMost men (unless you are someone like the President of the United States or some other big celebrity, have to carry around their own cash, identification, credit cards, and other miscellaneous items essential to daily life.  For most of us, without valets or personal assistants to carry around our personal effects, a wallet is a necessity.  But what type of wallet should you carry around?   A big, multi-compartmented “George Costanza” type wallet that doubles as both a wallet and filing cabinet?  Or perhaps something small and slim with just the right space for a few cards and cash?  

 The problem is that a large wallet can be big and bulky, leaving an unsightly bump in your pants pocket. If your wallet is very large, it can even make it uncomfortable for you to sit down if you are carrying a giant filing cabinet in your back pocket. If you don't find it necessary to carry around every business card and receipt you have ever collected and you would prefer to have a sleeker, less bulky wallet, you might want to consider shopping for front pocket wallets.

 Let's face it, some wallets are way too big and for people that spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer. Sitting on top of a stack of credit cards and receipts all day long can be pretty uncomfortable. If all you need to carry in your wallet is identification, a credit card or two, and a couple of other miscellaneous items, a front pocket wallet may be an excellent choice. A slim front pocket wallet will let you keep your necessary items on your person without causing discomfort and without leaving a big bulge in your back pocket. Some people that have transitioned from a traditional bi-fold or tri-fold wallet to a front pocket wallet, say that their front pocket wallet with all of their cash and cards inside is smaller than their old wallet was when it was empty.  Suprisingly, myself included, I find carrying around a small front pocket wallet much more comfortable and yet I still am able to carry around the essentials that I need on a daily basis.

A smaller wallet can still hold plenty of items. There are some front pocket wallets that are designed to hold 10 cards plus identification. Even if 10 cards is a tight fit, you can still fit six or seven in pretty easily. This should be plenty for most people. Your identification, a library card, some credit cards, and maybe a store club card or two is all you really need. With modern technology there is no need to carry a million business cards with you, you can just save all of that information into your smart phone. Some front pocket wallets even have a money clip attached so you can have your identification and credit cards inside the wallet, and your cash can be kept in the money clip on the outside.  There are several varieties in this type of wallet and each manufacturer adds their own set of features and options.

It may take some getting used to carrying a wallet this small especially if you are one of those men who must carry everything you own inside your wallet.  Having tried using a small wallet like this myself for a few months now, I find myself not wanting to go back to the bulkier option of a full bi-fold wallet.  The front pocket wallet is so much more comfortable and I’ve learned to live without all the clutter that I used to carry around in my big bi-fold wallet.

Most major brands of small leather goods make a front pocket wallet, although some may call it a weekender wallet or a credit card wallet, they usually are talking about the same thing; a small wallet that fits in your front pants pocket that has just enough room for the essentials. 

We have recently introduced a series of exotic leather front pocket wallets in the Tom Barrington line of products.  Presently we have front pocket wallets available in ostrich, stingray and snake skin leathers.

Check out our selection of Tom Barrington exotic leather front pocket wallets.

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