Removing Water Stains From Ostrich Leather

Posted by Administrator on 3/24/2014 to Leather Care
water stained ostrich leatherHave you ever gotten a water stain on your cherished ostrich leather bag, or other accessory?   You paid a handsome price for that genuine ostrich leather product and the site of a water stain on the leather greatly diminishes it's visual beauty and of course, value.   Due to some customer questions, we decided to put together a blog post on some of the best ways to remove these ugly water stains and make your ostrich leather beautiful again.   Read our recommended ways to remove water stains from ostrich leather.

Caring for Ostrich Leather Products

Posted by Administrator on 4/16/2012 to Leather Care
ostrich leatherLeather products made from genuine ostrich leather are some of the most highly valued, and highly desired exotic leather items among all the leather products made. Because of it's origins, it's rarity, each leather skin's uniqueness and it's natural durability, ostrich leather products have become symbols of luxury to those that love genuine leather products.

All leather items require special care to protect the surfaces of the leather and the finishes applied that create the beauty in the products that are made from them. Because of it's natural properties, ostrich leather requires very specialized care to maintain it's natural beauty and protect it from damages caused by normal wear and tear.

Read more about how to care for ostrich leather products on the following page.

Caring for Stingray Leather Products

Posted by Administrator on 2/22/2012 to Leather Care
stingray leatherStingray leather has been used for centuries as a decorative leather for many different types of products and has in the past few years enjoyed a nice resurgence in popularity.  

Products made from stingray leather are very durable and usually will last many years due to the natural properties of stingray leather that make it one of the most durable leathers available.   With this renewed interest in stingray leather, more and more people are inquiring of us how to care for their stingray products.  

This entry in our blog will give you a little more background on stingray leather, and how to properly care for items manufactured from it.  
Read more about stingray leather care here.

Taking Care Of Your Leather Products

Posted by Administrator on 6/26/2011 to Leather Care
All Tom Barrington leather products are manufactured using the finest quality leathers.  However, because they are made of genuine leather, here are some special tips and helpful information we recommend to help you take care of your Tom Barrington product so that it maintains it's rich luxury look and feel.

1.  Do not leave your Tom Barrington leather product in direct sunlight for long periods of time.  This doesn't mean you can't go outside with your leather case, but you should avoid leaving it lying on the dashboard of your car or other places where sunlight, or direct heat will directly shine on the case for long periods of time.

2.  If you get your Tom Barrington leather product wet, gently wipe off excess water with a soft absorbant dry cloth and let the case dry naturally.  Do not put the case in direct sunlight or heat it unnaturally (this means no microwave ovens, no baking ovens, no space heaters and no clothes dryers or any other machine or device that generates heat ) to speed up the drying process.

3.  Never use any chemicals, alcohol, or solvents to clean your Tom Barrington leather products unless they are specifically made for cleaning leather.  Do not use detergents or saddle soaps to clean your Tom Barrington product as it remove some of the natural properties of the leather and may cause permanent damage.

4.  If your case gets slightly scuffed, gently use a pencil eraser to remove the scuff marks.  This may not remove 100% of the scuff marks but it should help considerably in making them less noticeable.

5.  If you get food or dirt stains on your Tom Barrington leather product, use a lightly dampened cloth dampened with clean water and clean the dirty area... it may look darker at first due to the moisture, but color will return after the leather dries.

6.  If you want to store your Tom Barrington leather product for a period of time, wrap it in a paper tissue or a soft cloth or put it back in the original product bag that came with the case.  Do not seal it in a plastic bag as this will cause the leather to dry out and it could become brittle or crack.   Do not store leather cases with other leather cases without individually wrapping them first as some leathers may stick together if they come in contact for long periods of time.

7.  If you own one of our snap on cases, please do not use any sharp objects to pry them off your phone.  This will very likely scar or even tear the leather used in making your leather case. Our snap on cases are designed for a snug protective fit to your phone but can still be removed with your hands.
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