10 Of the Most Popular Men's Wallet Styles

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leather walletsWith so many wallet types and styles, not to mention all the color or choices of materials available, how do you choose a wallet that will suit your needs? Some take whatever is given to them in the form of gifts, others just buy whatever is most convenient or on sale, but the smart man knows exactly what wallet he needs and chooses it by it's functionality, design and color. Read through our list of the top 10 wallet styles for men and arm yourself with the knowledge to choose the right wallet for your needs.

Front Pocket Wallets – Sometimes Smaller Is Better

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front pocket snakeskin leather walletThe choices a man has for the style of wallet he carries is almost as varied as the choices for types of ties he can wear with a suit.   Many times the choice comes down to desired functionality, color, style and purpose.   It's the same with wallets.   Some men prefer big multi-compartment wallets, while other prefer something more sleek and slim , like a front pocket wallet, with just enough room for the daily essentials.  

How Can You Tell the Difference between Real Ostrich Leather and Fake Ostrich Leather?

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real ostrich leatherIs it real or fake ostrich leather? How do you know? To the untrained eye good fake ostrich leather can look as good as the real thing, and at a fraction of the price, can seem like a real bargain. As with most luxury, in demand items, there is a huge market worldwide for copycat products, and this includes exotic leathers. The unsuspecting, or unprepared shopper can find themselves overpaying for ostrich leather products only to find out later that they purchased a fake. So, how can you tell the difference between real and fake ostrich?

Here is some valuable information to help you know the difference.

Stingray Leather – A Long History of Beauty and Function

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stingray leatherStingray leather has a very long history filled with both function and beauty.   Because of it's composition, this is one of the toughest leathers in the world that, in centuries past, was used for armor for warriors and handle grips on Samurai swords.   With it's natural properties and inherent strength that is derived from it's basic composition, stingray leather has become one of the worlds most popular, enduring, and timeless choices for leather goods made by artisans around the world. 

Read more about the long storied history of one of nature's most treasured leathers.

The Famous Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Weave

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intrecciato leather weavingI am always looking for new leather working techniques and ideas to incorporate into some of our future products.  Having long been a fan of the Bottega Veneta line of leather products,  I spent a little time researching the history of their famous intrecciato weaving techinque that has become such an iconic representation of their brand with the thought that perhaps we could incorporate that weaving technique into some elements of our future products. Here is what I found out about the history and the technique behind the Bottega Veneta intrecciato weave.

Image from Bottega Veneta Men's Leather Bag
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