Leather Glasses Sleeve, Black Crocodile Grain Leather, Black Stitching, Handmade

Leather Glasses Sleeve, Black Crocodile Grain Leather, Black Stitching, Handmade

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This handmade leather glasses sleeve was designed to fit a standard pair of eyeglasses or reading glasses.  This sleeve was the result of my own frustration at not being able to find a good leather storage solution for my eyeglasses.  You invest a lot of money in your eyeglasses or your reading glasses, so give them a durable, classy leather sleeve of their own to store and protect them. 

This leather glasses sleeve is made using genuine vegetable tanned cowhide leather, 1.8 mm thickness (4.5 ounce), embossed with a crocodile grain for texture.  It is cut, sewn, burnished and waxed entirely by hand.

The leather in this glasses sleeve has a semi gloss waxed finish.  

Comes with a branded canvas storage bag to store your case when not in use.

Color:  Black

Size: 6 1/2" x 3" (75mm x 165mm)


While every effort is made to make all of these glasses sleeves look the same, the crocodile grain on yours will not exactly resemble the grain on the glasses sleeve pictured.  Because this glasses sleeve is made from genuine cowhide leather there may be small imperfections in the leather.  We don't use corrected grain leather and as such, any slight imperfections in the leather are due to the natural texture in the leather.

Oh, just to make sure, the glasses pictured in the photos of this glasses sleeve are mine, and I need them to see, so unfortunately, they are not included in the purchase. 


This glasses sleeve is made from 100% genuine vegetable tanned cowhide leather.  We guarantee this glasses sleeve against defects in workmanship and will replace it or refund your money if you are not satisfied with the glasses sleeve or it's workmanship quality.  This guarantee covers products and materials and construction under normal everyday glasses sleeve type of use.  If you use our glasses sleeve as a hockey puck, or if you drop this glasses sleeve in a vat of acid, or any other corrosive chemicals (salt, chlorine, draino, etc.) we cannot be responsible for any breakdown in the leather or the threads or any discoloration caused.  (and we certainly don't recommend sticking your hand into said liquid to try to retrieve our glasses sleeve)  Our glasses sleeves do not float.  If you happen to drop your glasses sleeve in your pool, or in the lake or ocean while out fishing, we can't be responsible for replacing it due to the damage or loss caused.  If your dog chews up your glasses sleeve like it did my school homework, we cannot be responsible for the damaged caused by your dog's teeth or slobber.  

Because this glasses sleeve is made with genuine cowhide leather, we recommend that you occasionally (emphasis on "occasionally") rub the leather with a leather conditioner such as mink oil, (availble at most places that sell shoe polish) or even better, recommend ordering some Bickmore leather conditioner to keep around and treat your glasses sleeve with that.  This will help keep moisture in the leather and maintain your glasses sleeve's life and beauty for many years. 

We understand that many people hesitate to purchase products online because they are unsure that what they order is what they will get.  Unlike in-store purchases, we know you aren't able to touch and feel the quality of this glasses sleeve or smell that very special leather smell that this glasses sleeve has.  We guarantee this glasses sleeve is everything we say it is.  We stand behind it and the quality of our workmanship 100%.  When you get your glasses sleeve, touch it, feel it, smell it and check out the workmanship.  If you aren't happy, contact us to arrange a return.  Unfortunately we only offer return postage for items that are defective.  We inspect all of our products before we ship them out.  If you believe your glasses sleeve is defective, please contact us and send us a picture of the defect or damage you found.  We can then arrange to get the glasses sleeve back to us and send out a replacement.

If you ever have any questions about our products, feel free to message us with questions, comments, concerns, complaints and of course, compliments.

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