Ostrich Leather Care and Video Demonstration

Posted by Administrator on 5/4/2015 to Leather Knowledge
Although we are not boot makers, due to the fact that we do make ostrich leather products, we occasionally get requests from customers inquiring about the way to properly care for ostrich leather boots.

A few years ago, we published an article here in this blog regarding the care of ostrich leather products.    Because of it's unique properties and porous nature, ostrich leather, as well as other exotic leathers, requires very special care.  We always recommend using non-staining oils, cremes and waxes for ostrich leather.  It is a very porous leather and it is very easy to change it's color by applying the wrong product.  

In response to some of the questions that have been asked of us since that post, I will try to add more information.

Q:  Can I use baby oil on my ostrich boots?  

A:  We strongly recommend not using baby oil with ostrich leather.   Baby oil contains mineral oil and fragrances.  While the mineral oil might be okay for the leather, the fragrances may not.   Please use only oils and products made for ostrich leather. 

Q:  Where do I buy proper treatments for my ostrich boots?
A:  We still recommend the Bickmore line of leather products for ostrich leather.   They have a non-staining line of products specifically for exotic leathers.  

Q:  Can I wear my ostrich leather boots in the rain?

A:  You can wear any shoes you want (I prefer not to wear any at all) in the rain.   However, we don't recommend wearing your ostrich leather boots in the rain.   Ostrich leather is very porous and will very easily soak up moisture.  After drying you may find your boots with a lot of water staining and possibly damaged leather.   If you do get caught in the rain, as soon as you get to a dry place, use a clean cloth and daub the water soaked areas of the boots to transferLthe water to the cloth as much as possible.   Then let the boots sit at room temperature to completely dry.   Do not apply heat to the boots, or leave them out in the sun to speed up drying.  Then follow the steps listed in the blog entry referenced in the question below.

Q:  How do you remove water stains from ostrich leather boots?

A:  Please read our previous article on removing water stains from ostrich leather here.

Back when I wrote that article I referred to the Bickmore line of leather products as ideally suited for the care of ostrich leathers.  That recommendation still stands.  

I have recently found a video featuring a demonstration of the Bickmore products being used to clean, condition and polish a pair of ostrich leather boots.   Please watch this video below for some helpful information from the Bickmore company.    While the video primarily deals with ostrich boots, the same treatment can be used for any ostrich leather product, including our own ostrich leather products.  

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