Stingray Leather – A Long History of Beauty and Function

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stingray leatherBelieve it or not, stingray leather has been used for thousands of years. Many early civilizations believed that possessing the skin of a stingray would bring strength and power. The backbone of the stingray resembles a cluster of white pearls and many people thought this would bring them prosperity and good luck.

Craftsmen and artisans in ancient Egypt valued stingray leather for the same reasons many people value it today, it's strength, durability, and beauty. Stingray leather has been discovered in the tombs of the pharaohs. The ancient Egyptians used stingray leather for armor and decorative items. Stingray skins were also used in Japan where samurais would use the skins for armor and for the handles of their swords. In 18th century France, Louis XV had a number of items made from stingray leather; items such as wig cases, snuff boxes, and sheaths. From 1899 to 1933 the famous English artisan, John Paul Cooper had a studio in London that produced nearly 1000 items that were veneered with stingray leather. Items included frames, vases, decorative boxes, and even candlesticks.

The value of stingray skins was not always recognized by all people. Fishermen that caught stingrays used to dump the skins overboard as waste. Fishermen would occasionally keep a few skins because in their raw, unprocessed state, the rough surface of the skins was a very good substitute for sandpaper. The tanning process that stingray skins go through to create leather makes the skins soft and pliable and yet the skins still retain their incredible durability.

Today, stingray leather is just as useful and desirable as it has been throughout history. It has a beautiful look and a very interesting texture. The texture of the skin is almost as if the skin is beaded. Stingray leather is also incredibly durable, with some sources claiming that it is as much as 25 times stronger than cowhide. It's strength makes it resistant to being torn or punctured. It is also water resistant. In addition to all of these qualities, stingray leather is also very lightweight.

Because it is lightweight and incredibly strong, stingray leather is used by some bikers for motorcycle leathers. Of course it is used in countless other products as well. Stingray leather can be colored and polished to produce a variety of designs and patterns suitable for many different types of products. Common products made from stingray leather include belts, handbags, briefcases, wallets, and much more. As an example of the durability and versatility of stingray leather, I found a product review online from a customer that purchased a stingray wallet. They said that the wallet is incredibly durable, moisture proof and also very attractive. They said that the quality is extraordinary and it is by far the best wallet they have ever owned.

Although stingray leather is considered an exotic leather, if you purchase stingray leather products, you don't have to worry that you are threatening an endangered species. There are many different species of stingrays around the world. There are both freshwater and saltwater species and none of the different species of rays are endangered. In fact, stingrays are abundant in many parts of the world and they are even fished commercially as a primary food source throughout the Pacific Rim.

We love stingray leather and use it extensively in our Tom Barrington leather products for it's beauty and unique qualities that you just don't find in any other leather.    Do you like products made with stingray leather?    What are your favorite stingray leather products?

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