What Kind Of Leather Do We Use In Our Products?

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Once in a while we receive an email from potential customers inquiring of the types of leather we use in our products.   Some simply inquire as to the authenticity of our leathers, others wish to know more specific details of the leather species and origins.

To help answer these questions for both current and potential customers, below is a list of the leathers we use, listing their origins and other relevant information for each.

Stingray Leather

All of our stingray leather products use only genuine stingray leather.  As of this writing, we use unpolished stingray leather that has not had the surface beads or caviar texture, sanded down.  The leather is dyed in a two stage process.  The first dyes the substrate leather beneath the calcium beads.   The second, a spray dyeying process, colors the surface caviar texture.   We do not have white "eyes" or "diamonds" painted on our stingray leather.   You can read more about that white diamond and why it is on most stingray leather products here.

Leather specifics:  

Family:   Dasyatidae

Species:  Pastinachus Sephen (Cowtail Stingray)

Origins:   This stingray leather comes from a variety of places in the world.  Our leather is sourced from tanneries in Asia, the same place where most makers of stingray leather products source their leather.


Ostrich Leather

The ostrich leather used in our products are made using geniune ostrich leather.  This leather is very distinct with it's characteristic bumps in the skin where the feathers of the ostrich were removed.  Each piece of ostrich leather is unique and every product made from ostrich leather has it's own unique quill pattern.   This leather is is very strong but also very supple due to the natural oils that are found in the leather.

Leather specifics:

Family: Struthionidae

Species: Struthio camelus

Origins:  We source our ostrich leather primarily from Thailand, however, we occasionally buy leather from tanneries in South Africa and Australia.



There are a few of our products that we make from genuine snakeskin.   We use a lesser known snakeskin frrom the spine-bellied sea snake for these products.   We do not use Python snakeskin because of it's endangered status.   The texture of this snakeskin, similar to python, but with a different scale pattern is very unique and each skin is completely unique.   Therefore, no two products made from this leather will look the same, varying in texture, pattern and color shade.

Leather specifics:

Family:  Hydrophiidae

Species:  Lapemis Hardwickii

Origins:   All of our snakeskins currently are sourced from tanneries in Thailand.   This snake is primiarly found in warm water climates in the Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean, South China Sea and Southern Pacific Ocean.



Our Classic Leather Collection of products is made using genuine cowhide leathers with various finishes and tanning processes.  We primarily use eco-friendly vegetable tanned cowhide that has been tanned using various processes to obtain certain finishes or colors.   Some of the leathers in this collection are embossed with a crocodile grain, or texture.  We do not emboss the leather to try to make anyone believe that it is real crocodile leather.   We emboss this leather because of the unique patterns and textures it offers and the uniqueness is gives the leather.   When we use embossed leather, we always state in the product listing that the leather is cowhide and it's grain or texture is embossed into the leather during the tanning process.

Leather specifics:

Family:  Bovidae

Species:  Bos Taurus

Origins:  The cowhide leathers we use in our products are sourced from tanneries in Europe, Japan, Thailand, and the USA, depending on the type and treatment of the leather we are using.

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