Front Pocket Wallets – Sometimes Smaller Is Better

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front pocket snakeskin leather walletThe choices a man has for the style of wallet he carries is almost as varied as the choices for types of ties he can wear with a suit.   Many times the choice comes down to desired functionality, color, style and purpose.   It's the same with wallets.   Some men prefer big multi-compartment wallets, while other prefer something more sleek and slim , like a front pocket wallet, with just enough room for the daily essentials.  

How Can You Tell the Difference between Real Ostrich Leather and Fake Ostrich Leather?

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real ostrich leatherIs it real or fake ostrich leather? How do you know? To the untrained eye good fake ostrich leather can look as good as the real thing, and at a fraction of the price, can seem like a real bargain. As with most luxury, in demand items, there is a huge market worldwide for copycat products, and this includes exotic leathers. The unsuspecting, or unprepared shopper can find themselves overpaying for ostrich leather products only to find out later that they purchased a fake. So, how can you tell the difference between real and fake ostrich?

Here is some valuable information to help you know the difference.

Stingray Leather – A Long History of Beauty and Function

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stingray leatherStingray leather has a very long history filled with both function and beauty.   Because of it's composition, this is one of the toughest leathers in the world that, in centuries past, was used for armor for warriors and handle grips on Samurai swords.   With it's natural properties and inherent strength that is derived from it's basic composition, stingray leather has become one of the worlds most popular, enduring, and timeless choices for leather goods made by artisans around the world. 

Read more about the long storied history of one of nature's most treasured leathers.

The Famous Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Weave

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intrecciato leather weavingI am always looking for new leather working techniques and ideas to incorporate into some of our future products.  Having long been a fan of the Bottega Veneta line of leather products,  I spent a little time researching the history of their famous intrecciato weaving techinque that has become such an iconic representation of their brand with the thought that perhaps we could incorporate that weaving technique into some elements of our future products. Here is what I found out about the history and the technique behind the Bottega Veneta intrecciato weave.

Image from Bottega Veneta Men's Leather Bag

An Understated, Elegant Handmade Leather Duffel Bag

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basic-rucak-leather-duffel-bagI have always been a big believer in the idea that you can tell the style of a man by the quality of the accessories he carries. While we all have our own styles I prefer accessories that are more understated and elegant. I don't need to advertise a brand label for someone to know I paid a lot of money for an accessory I carry. What matters to me is that my accessories are quality made, elegant in their design, and I prefer items that were made with durability and function at the core of their structure. Recently I ran across a handmade, oil tanned leather duffel bag that really made me sit up and take notice and I wanted to bring it to your attention not only for it's elegance, but also for it's quality, attention to detail, and functionality.    Read More

How to Apply A Screen Protector For the iPhone or Any Smart Phone

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applying a screen protector for the iphone or smart phoneApplying a screen protector to your iPhone or smart phone is not as frustrating or difficult as it seems.  We asked a mobile phone technician to show us how it is done.   Watch the video in this post to find out the secrets to hassle free screen protector application.   Read More

How to Apply A Screen Protector For The iPad or Any Tablet Computer

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ipad and tablet computer screen protectorsWe have received several requests from some of our customers to provide more information on how to apply a screen protector for the iPad.   Check out this blog post for techniques that the pros use to apply screen protectors.   Read More

Caring for Ostrich Leather Products

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ostrich leatherLeather products made from genuine ostrich leather are some of the most highly valued, and highly desired exotic leather items among all the leather products made. Because of it's origins, it's rarity, each leather skin's uniqueness and it's natural durability, ostrich leather products have become symbols of luxury to those that love genuine leather products.

All leather items require special care to protect the surfaces of the leather and the finishes applied that create the beauty in the products that are made from them. Because of it's natural properties, ostrich leather requires very specialized care to maintain it's natural beauty and protect it from damages caused by normal wear and tear.

Read more about how to care for ostrich leather products on the following page.

Caring for Stingray Leather Products

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stingray leatherStingray leather has been used for centuries as a decorative leather for many different types of products and has in the past few years enjoyed a nice resurgence in popularity.  

Products made from stingray leather are very durable and usually will last many years due to the natural properties of stingray leather that make it one of the most durable leathers available.   With this renewed interest in stingray leather, more and more people are inquiring of us how to care for their stingray products.  

This entry in our blog will give you a little more background on stingray leather, and how to properly care for items manufactured from it.  
Read more about stingray leather care here.

New Ostrich Leg Leather Cases Just Released

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Take a look at these gorgeous new ostrich leg leather vertical holster style cases we just released for the iPhone 4!   The leather colors are stunning and certain to garner attention and become it's own conversation piece when you pull out your iPhone 4 encased in one of these very unique beauties.   

Each case is lined with genuine suede leather.   The caramel brown case is lined with dark brown suede.   The black and dark brown cases are both lined with a rich red suede leather.
Contrasting and reinforced edge stitching gives each case a very nice detailed finish that not only makes the case looks beautiful, but also strengthens the case at points that receive extra stress and wear when taking the iPhone 4 in and out of the case.

These cases cannot be found anywhere else in the world!  There are no other companies making them in this style that we know of.    These are truly unique cases sure to appeal to those who want something a little more unique than everyone else.  

There are more pictures of each case here.
Caramel Ostrich Leg CaseDark Brown Ostrich Leg CaseBlack Ostrich Leg Case

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