Caring for Stingray Leather Products

Posted by Administrator on 2/22/2012 to Leather Care
stingray leatherStingray leather has been used for centuries as a decorative leather for many different types of products and has in the past few years enjoyed a nice resurgence in popularity.  

Products made from stingray leather are very durable and usually will last many years due to the natural properties of stingray leather that make it one of the most durable leathers available.   With this renewed interest in stingray leather, more and more people are inquiring of us how to care for their stingray products.  

This entry in our blog will give you a little more background on stingray leather, and how to properly care for items manufactured from it.  
Read more about stingray leather care here.

New Ostrich Leg Leather Cases Just Released

Posted by Administrator on 2/14/2012 to New Products

Take a look at these gorgeous new ostrich leg leather vertical holster style cases we just released for the iPhone 4!   The leather colors are stunning and certain to garner attention and become it's own conversation piece when you pull out your iPhone 4 encased in one of these very unique beauties.   

Each case is lined with genuine suede leather.   The caramel brown case is lined with dark brown suede.   The black and dark brown cases are both lined with a rich red suede leather.
Contrasting and reinforced edge stitching gives each case a very nice detailed finish that not only makes the case looks beautiful, but also strengthens the case at points that receive extra stress and wear when taking the iPhone 4 in and out of the case.

These cases cannot be found anywhere else in the world!  There are no other companies making them in this style that we know of.    These are truly unique cases sure to appeal to those who want something a little more unique than everyone else.  

There are more pictures of each case here.
Caramel Ostrich Leg CaseDark Brown Ostrich Leg CaseBlack Ostrich Leg Case

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