Slim Credit Card Wallets in Stingray, Ostrich and Snake Leather

Posted by Administrator on 3/27/2014 to Announcements
slim leather credit card walletsWe have just completed a new batch of our popular slim leather credit card wallets and are shipping to our warehouse locations now.    These wallets are the perfect wallet for the man who likes to carry just the essentials of cash and a few cards with a low profile.    They easily fit inside a pants or jacket pocket often times with no real visible bulk at all.  

Removing Water Stains From Ostrich Leather

Posted by Administrator on 3/24/2014 to Leather Care
water stained ostrich leatherHave you ever gotten a water stain on your cherished ostrich leather bag, or other accessory?   You paid a handsome price for that genuine ostrich leather product and the site of a water stain on the leather greatly diminishes it's visual beauty and of course, value.   Due to some customer questions, we decided to put together a blog post on some of the best ways to remove these ugly water stains and make your ostrich leather beautiful again.   Read our recommended ways to remove water stains from ostrich leather.
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