What Kind Of Leather Do We Use In Our Products?

Posted by Administrator on 4/21/2015 to Leather Knowledge
Sometimes we get requests from customers who want to know more information about the leathers we use in our products. This post contains information specific to each of the types of leathers we use, the family, species and origins of where our leathers come from.    Read more about the leathers we use in our products.

Ordering A Leather Belt: How To Order The Correct Belt Size For You

Posted by Administrator on 4/11/2015 to Leather Knowledge
how to order belts onlineOrdering belts online has sometimes caused a bit of confusion for customers not knowing what standard measure to use to insure ordering the correct size.

Belt measurements can vary from maker to maker, depending on which method they use.

In this article we show you the best ways to measure for a belt so that you can order confidently online and get the right size every time.

New Handmade Bifold Leather Wallets In Our Classic Leather Collection

Posted by Administrator on 4/9/2015 to New Products
bifold leather walletsIntroducing a new selection of leather bifold classic style wallets to our handmade leather goods selections in our Classic Leather Collection.   

Take a look at our Classic Leather Collection now or continue reading to find out more about how we make these products

Why is there a big white "eye" on most stingray leather products?

Posted by Administrator on 4/4/2015 to Leather Knowledge
stingray leather with painted white eyeMost stingray leather products that you see in gift shops and department stores worldwide have a big white "eye" or "diamond" shape painted on the surface of the leather.   Some say this is the mark of authentic stingray leather, however, that is simply not true.   The reason that unsightly mark is splashed across the middle of most stingray products is finally revealed, and it's not what you might think.    Read more
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